Behind every success, there is hard work and a lot of fun!

Kodlot was founded in 2020 to match the demand for technical solutions in the fields of data engineering and cloud computing. With the experience and knowledge gained through many years of software/data engineering. Kodlot is a boutique consultancy striving to offer the highest level of professional services. Our services range from building complete analytics platforms to providing specific solutions within data and cloud engineering domains. Our solutions are based on leading public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Kodlot’s name decryption:

kod (English: code) – a language used to program (= give instructions to) computers.
lot (English: flight) – when something flies or moves through the air.
odlot (English: departure) – a change in what is usually done or how something is usually done.

Data Engineering and Cloud Engineering Consultant Kodlot

Krzysztof Słowiński

Data & Cloud

Krzysztof is a data engineering consultant with 10+ years of hands-on experience. His core competencies are getting projects across the finish line and delivering quality software components, which is achieved through clean, readable code, several sets of tests as well as detailed documentation.

Focus areas:

· Architecting and developing data processing solutions at scale.
· Resolving particular data processing problems.
· Building data platforms using infrastructure as code.

Technologies: Python, TypeScript, Scala, AWS, Spark, DBT, Docker, Git.

Data Scientist and Cloud Engineering Consultant Kodlot

Przemysław Mikulski

Data Scientist &
Cloud Engineering Consultant

Przemek is a data scientist/data engineer with 7+ years of work experience from medtech, manufacturing and the financial industries. He knows how to carry projects from the research phase through multiple iterations and all the way to the final solution, which is achieved by fact-based investigations.

Focus areas:

· Creating clear and seamless data engineering pipelines to enable analysts to run data driven insights.
· Resolving particular data processing problems and optimizing the data delivery processes, thus empowering business stakeholders.
· Analyzing data and use ML techniques to solve business problems using quantitative methods.

Technologies: Python, AWS, Airflow, JH, Mongo DB.

Free time: Sailing, triathlon, hiking, backpacking activities.


Data & Cloud Engineering Consultant

Łukasz is a data engineer with 18+ years of IT experience. He is passionate about data, tools, and technologies for storing, processing, and analyzing data in the cloud. He has been designing, creating, integrating, and implementing IT solutions.
Likes to carry out tasks that require high-quality effects, high precision, and detail.

Focus areas:

· Research and identify new technologies opportunities.
· Resolving particular data processing problems and optimizing the data delivery processes.
· Architecting and developing data processing solutions.
· Resolving particular data processing problems.
· Building data platforms using infrastructure as code.

Technologies: Python, TypeScript, AWS, Airflow, Greenplum, PostgreSQL, No SQL, Docker, Git.

Free time: Running, snowboarding, windsurfing, swimming, triathlon, travel.

Business Development Manager Kodlot

Tomasz Tokarczyk


Tomasz is a creative and open-minded engineer with knowledge and experience in various fields. Although he has a background in aerospace engineering, he decided to get closer to the clouds through data engineering. He is a professional with a proactive approach, always ready to find the solution and solve the problem. In addition to this, he loves to cooperate and spread positive energy around the office.

Focus areas:

· Research and identify new business opportunities.
· Take care of customer relationships.
· Set objectives and marketing strategies in order to develop and improve the business.

Free time: Boards (snow, skate, surf…), photography, blockchain, travel, music.


At Kodlot, we are always trying to share our knowledge and experience, as well as ask someone else opinion. As professional engineers, we like to plan everything upfront. Designing new projects is not easy. We are always trying to follow best practices to create a well-architected platform to analyse data in the cloud. Using Python of course!

Here are three main steps to achieve high-quality, resilient, sustainable, secure, cost efficient, and reliable solutions.

Please take a look at the projects that we are working on.


Identifying the business and the functional requirements that are mission critical for success. Matching the top priority requirements with the possible solution architectures. Identifying trade-offs between the possible solutions.


Implementing the chosen solution using software best practices. Using iterative agile methodology to receive feedback and re-align on changing priorities. Creating documentation to deliver the clear and complete package.


Creating error-handling allowing automated or semi-automated healing in case of various fault situations. Using visual dashboards to monitor the key components of the system to get instant insights and identify key bottlenecks.