Take care of your Personal Data!

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Future of the Personal Data.

“Every click counts, every like and comment, every second spent on the website will be noticed, the camera will check where you are looking, and the mic will record what you are saying.”

Sound scary? Don’t worry! 

You are already living in this world. The key is to be aware of this and use the Internet carefully. Remember that everything you are doing is somehow saved and analyzed. Surfing through the Internet without leaving any “digital footprint” is not an easy job. It is probably not even possible, so consider doing it wisely. 

Imagine that you are listening to your favorite song, watching your most-liked show, searching for new furniture or a holiday destination, and a few weeks later, the ad for this gig/item is popping up on your screen.

Are you surprised? Don’t be.

That is how collecting data and personalized ads work. For one of you, it will be good, and you will like it, but for others, it will be too much. You need to understand that we live in a fast-growing community where data, especially private data, is a high-demand commodity. Big Tech companies are trading information about the users with each other to provide tailored offers.

What we want to point out is to be aware that you are sharing your personal information with strangers. At the end of the day, you want to get a good deal, and not spread your private information around.

We encourage you to find time and learn more about this topic. The future of machine learning and data collection looks very bright. So, the faster you start to control what you share, the less concerned you will be.

We prepared a few first steps to guide you through your data journey.

As you probably know, we can use many kinds of data for different purposes. 

Today we want to focus mainly on Personal Data. That is a piece of information that we can use to identify a person. Depending on what the data contains and how sensitive the information is,
you can define two types of Private Data:

  • General Personal Data includes name, number, address, age, email id, etc.
  • Sensitive Personal Data includes, but is not limited to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, genetic data, and data regarding health, sex life, and sexual orientation. 

There is a thin line between identifying people and getting more critical information about them.
Don’t be fooled, and get ready.

Take a look at these articles to gain more knowledge and discover best practices in securing and sharing your private data.

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